I Children’s Painting Contest















I Children's Painting Contest

Muekles turns its exhibition into a showroom-art gallery, being not only an attractive furniture proposal, but a fusion of art and furniture.
Always with a selection of works by different artists, creating spaces for artistic expression and high decoration.
Throughout our 25 years, they have made art exhibitions, painters and sculptors in our facilities, with artists of national and international recognition.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, and within the program of activities that will commemorate this trajectory, Muekles celebrated on Saturday, March 25, a children’s painting contest under the theme: ‘I have fun at home’.
In the contest, all the participants, relatives, friends and teachers, showed the enthusiasm and emotion of the children, seeing how their works were part of an exhibition. The smallest of the house, they enjoyed it to the maximum.
The jury of the contest was formed by specialists in this sector, the artists Nicolás de Maya and Emilio Pascual, together with Belén Balibrea, a painting teacher.