Jose Antonio Molina Sanchez














Jose Antonio Molina Sánchez

Exhibition of the year 1995-2005-2009-2010

Molina Sanchez is one of the principal representatives of the regional painting.

In 1945 he exposes for the first time in Madrid to pay tribute to Vázquez Diaz. Since then his work will be requested in the principal galleries and European exhibitions, Barcelona, Bilbao, Lisbon, Madeira, Santander, Evora and Coimbra.

The 60s were very fruitful for Molina Sanchez with his new pictorial stage, African Expressionism. One of his last exhibitions was celebrated in 2009, with a selection of the topic that he mostly treated during all his life, the angels.

Jose Antonio Molina Sanchez dyed in Murcia on December 16, 2009.