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Saura Mira

Exhibition of the year 2002

Born in 1938 in the bosom of the family of the painter Saura Pacheco.

In 1954 he realizes his first exhibition at the age of 16. In 1955 he obtains a prize in the Art Exhibition of Education and Rest.

Still in the decade of the 50s a lot was spoken about him in the press and in the artistic circles of Murcia. His life was more intense in the 60s. He showed his work in a collective exhibition, to collect funds, together with Avellaneda, Pedro Flores, Bonafé, Reyes Guillén, Muñoz Barberán and Saura Pacheco.

In 1965 he obtains the “Raspa de Plata” with his work “Landscape of the Garden “. In the year 1968 he starts to pay more attention to his writings of topics from Murcia. He realizes an act in which he coincides with Pedro Serna giving his first steps.